Become a Don - join Maldon Cricket Club

If you would like to join us as a playing or social member, then we would be delighted to welcome you to our family. There are plenty of volunteering opportunities too!

In the first instance, please contact Steve Brown on 07368 423656 or contact 

Subscriptions consist of 6 x monthly payments:


·         Gold adult: 6 x monthly £45 payments (includes membership, match fees and 100 club)

·         Gold (senior colt (over 15): 6 x monthly £25 payments (includes membership and match fees)

·         Ladies adult: 6 x monthly £20 payments (includes membership, match fees and 100 club)

·         Colts (under 15): 6 x monthly £20 payments (includes membership, training and match fees)


Subscriptions and match fees: pay as you go

·         Full adult: £150, match fee £15


·         Colts and concessions: £90, match fee £8


·         Ladies: £90, match fee £8


·         Associate: £15

Paper copies are available on request.

We think we have a very special Cricket Club but instead of taking our word for it, see what some of our members have to say below:

"I joined Maldon CC as an Under 9 colt in 2007 and ten years on, I play regularly in men's cricket of a weekend and rather ironically now help coach the Under 9's! 

I would say that being a Don is really special as we are one big family that prides itself on a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. No one takes themselves too seriously yet everyone plays to win.


In the season, Saturday is by far the best day of the week. I love that all teams will often meet at Drapers, then go off to their respective fixtures before heading back to the club to share the days glory or pain with those from other teams over a drink.

We have some brilliant social events too! Cricket Week, Rock Up For Randall and Newmarket 'away' are a few out of so many that have provided me with fantastic memories. 

The work of the David Randall Foundation is carried out by many club members (I am proud to be an ambassador) and being charitable is ingrained in being a Don.

I would recommend becoming a member of Maldon CC to anyone and believe that the more you put in, the more you will get out of it". 

Michael Foster.

"We first joined Maldon Cricket Club when my eldest son was six and he took part in the Friday evening sessions for primary aged children. He enjoyed these sessions so much that his youngest brother also started playing as soon as he was four years old. My daughter has also started playing on the Friday evenings and talks endlessly about her coach and how she should bat and bowl!

Both of my boys have progressed from the Friday evening sessions to playing colt cricket for Maldon CC. My eldest now plays for the U13 team and my youngest is in his final year of U9 cricket. Watching them both flourish has been a privilege to watch thanks to the dedicated coaches and hard work that the ‘Maldon team’ puts in to ensure that cricket is played, not only to win, but to have fun and develop lifelong skills. The club has a real family feel and the colts are just a part of the club as the men and ladies teams are.  Coaching is well-organised, purposeful and develops each child’s batting, bowling, fielding and personal skills.

As a result of watching my children play cricket for Maldon CC, I too have now started playing again for the Maldon IV team and enjoy the camaraderie that playing team sport brings.  I have also joined the coaching setup and it has been a privilege to see the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that the colt players receive fun and active coaching sessions.

We cannot thank Maldon Cricket Club enough for their commitment to colt cricket and indeed the cricket development of our three children and thoroughly recommend the club for all potential colt players and families".

Joe and Kerry Figg

I joined Maldon Cricket Club two years ago, with my teenage daughter. We both play for the Ladies team, sometimes on Fridays but usually on Sundays in 20-over matches. We also go to training one evening a week during the season – and I played some indoor matches this winter, which were great fun. 

I have always watched cricket and used to bowl a lot to my son in the garden, but apart from a brief dabble nearly 20 years ago, I have never played myself. Learning how to play cricket has been an interesting journey – although I definitely have a long way to go!  Alongside the coaching sessions, I have learnt a lot from the other members of the team, some of whom have been playing cricket for a long time. And I also had the opportunity to go to a national coaching event for women in February which offered lots of practical ideas.

The Ladies team is a friendly mixture of young and not so young women, some of whom are mums and daughters. The mums tend to fill in when numbers are short but there are a number of experienced players who encourage and mentor the newbies. Working together and supporting each other is the most important thing in a team game – and that is definitely what happens at Maldon. And the teas are delicious!

Mary Huntington

Three years ago our two boys moved from elsewhere to join Maldon's Colts and they have thrived at the Club. They have an excellent training structure for Colts development, from winter nets to regular spring and summer training, as well as plenty of opportunities for all ages and skills to train and play cricket throughout the season.

But more importantly for us was how the Colts managers and coaches at the Club focus on getting the balance just right between development and fun - playing the game in the right way with the children's' enjoyment uppermost in mind is the Maldon CC way.

Mark & Lyndsey Miller

I first took my son to a  (Cricket) Club Night at Drapers Farm one Friday evening 5 years ago. This is weekly event that welcomes 4 – 11 year olds to the club and the game with no commitment other than to have fun. Its’ also a great way to get boys and girls playing cricket for fun and exercise, not to mention an opportunity for parents to socialise.

 After three years of taking my son to cricket in the summer, I got involved by fetching the balls and assisting the under 6’s coach with the end of evening mini matches. After 25+ years of not playing, this re-ignited my love for the game and coaching. Five years on I play for the adults fourth team when I can, and  now assist with the Under 11 colts team. Just seeing the boys and girls developing their skills and seeing them enjoy their cricket fills me with pride and joy as a parent, a coach and a cricket lover.

My one regret is .......... not getting involved sooner.

Norman Case

I've been involved in cricket in Maldon since being a colt  way back in the 1980s. I grew up looking at my heroes as a shy teenager and ended up playing cricket alongside them. I've loved every moment and made lifelong friendships.

And that's what makes us a great club. 

I've now seen youngsters come through the colts system that I've coached who have gone onto bigger and better things. I have seen my own son play and be part of the Maldon CC family and he wants to be part of it in the future. 

We are a big family.. and value our contribution to the Maldon  Community.

Come join us and see how great we are!!

Steve Brown, Chairman

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