Maldon CC 100 Club

What is the Maldon CC 100 Club?

This new club will comprise of up to 100 members each contributing a minimum of £2.00 per month. Half of all subscriptions will be paid out in prizes. 

A draw will take place each month with a minimum first prize of £50.00. Winners will be emailed out and published regularly via the Maldon CC website. 

Maldon CC 100 Club 
  • Minimum £2.00 per month NO MAXIMUM

  • Monthly Draws

  • 50% of subscriptions paid out in prize money 

  • Minimum £25.00 first prize GUARANTEED or prizes to the value of 50% of receipts received, whichever is the greater

  • Profits benefit the club 

How do I join?

It’s simple. Just download, complete and return the order form.

Download your order form here (pdf)


Your membership will start once we have received your completed order. 

Return your form to A Coker, 26 Meeson Meadows CM9 6YS 
or  M Smith, 19 Essex Road CM9 6JQ

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